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Seminar On Demand - BUSG 2309: BUSG 2309 Seminar

MLA Paper Format

BUSG 2309 Seminar

Seminar on Demand - BUSG 2309 







This on-demand seminar is for students taking the BUSG 2309 course. Divided into three parts this seminar will provide instruction on how to get assistance from a librarian, how to search and retrieve an article on a small business related topic, and how to format an MLA style paper.  

If you are watching this seminar for a course requirement, send an email to [email protected]

Topics Covered:

  • Getting Assistance
  • Databases 
    • Selecting Small Business Reference Center
    • Logging In
    • Setting Limiters
    • Key Word Searching
    • Harvesting Sources and Citations
  • MLA  Style 
    • Paper Formatting
    • In-Text Citations
      • What needs to be cited
    • Source Citations