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The library does not purchase archival materials.

Transfer of College Records

The office or individual of origin relinquishes all rights to the materials when college records are transferred to the Archives for permanent retention.


The Library welcomes donations of materials that fall within the scope of the Archives Collection Policy.  All donations become part of the Archives for use in the exhibits and for research.  The Archives reserves the right to dispose of donations that do not fall within the scope of the Collection Policy.

Every donor must sign a Donation Agreement for every item the Library accepts for the Archives.  The Agreement transfers ownership of the materials and all rights, including copyright and literary rights to Central Texas College District.

Donors who wish to claim tax deductions for the value of their gifts must obtain an independent appraisal.  Library staff will not make appraisals or estimate the value of donations/gifts.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Archives is to identify, collect, organize, and preserve materials of permanent historical value that relate to Central Texas College; and to make those materials available to researchers.

Collection Policy

The Archive collects historical, legal, fiscal, and administrative materials which have permanent and significant value to the college.  These materials include but are not limited to:

  • College administrative records: correspondence, memoranda, minutes, summary financial records, academic research, curricula, contracts, reports, subject files, published materials, and any other material generated or received by the administrative and academic offices of the college in the conduct of their business.
  • Materials that document the life of the college community: faculty and staff activities and organizations, student activities and organizations, alumni activities and organizations, and other college-related groups.
  • Personal and professional papers and memorabilia of prominent people associated with the college: administrators, faculty, staff, students, alumni, benefactors.

Archival materials may take a variety of forms: publications, scrapbooks, documents, books, news clippings, manuscripts, maps, posters, audio and visual recordings, microforms, plans, memorabilia, photographs, etc. 

Research and Use

The Archives are open both to the college community and to the community at large for research purposes.  The Library staff provides access to the materials and assistance in identifying and using them.

Archival materials do not circulate and must be used in the Archives room under supervised conditions.  The Library will furnish copies of materials at the same cost as other copies made from library copiers (photocopiers, microform, etc.) when such copying would not be in violation of federal copyright laws.


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Hours of Operation

  • Open: Monday - Friday, 15 minutes after the library opens until 15 minutes before the library closes.
  • Closed: Nights, weekends, and official holidays.
  • At the discretion of the Dean of Library Services, patrons may make special arrangements to use the Archives during normally-closed hours.