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Booking a study room and one-on-one help through LibCal: Home

Getting a room reservation or making an appointment with a librarian for one-on-one help, just got easier. You can also view upcoming events on the LibCal. Life just got easier!

How to use LibCal

How to book a librarian for one-on-one help

Choose a librarian and a time

Step 2 - Choose a librarian and time

Hit no preference if you want the next available librarian

Once you select a time, fill out your contact information

Events calendar in LibCal

Click events calendar for upcoming events

You can also go to the Events page to view upcoming events and register for scholarship attendance credit here:

Step 1 - Instructions for making a room reservation

Step 2 - Find Reserve a Room

Step 3 - Decide if you need a study room or classroom

Step 3 Decide if you need a study room or classroom

Study rooms for up to 5 people 

Classrooms for up to 30 people

Step 4 - Choosing your room and times

Step 5 - Instructions for Room Reservation continued

Step 6- Fill out your contact information and hit submit

Step 7 - You'll receive an email with your booking

Step 8 - Follow these instructions when you arrive

  1. SAVE THIS EMAIL. You will need the three-digit code in order to Check-In.
  2. You can either Check In directly from the link sent to your email. Or you can scan the QR code again and submit your three-digit code. Failure to Check-In will automatically cancel your booking after 15 minutes.
  3. Ensure that all occupants clean up trash and take their belongings before exiting.
  4. Don’t forget to Check Out when exiting the room. Check Out can be done by clicking “Check Out” on the link received during Check-In. Or by scanning the QR code and following the prompts.
  5. *Private study rooms can be reserved for up to six hours per day with one hour wait period in between bookings, up to 30 days prior.