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Construction and Manufacturing: Introduction

Construction and manufacturing are the processes of making, or building things. Construction is generally associated with the building of objects in an outdoor work environment. Manufacturing is the fabrication of materials in an indoor setting.



Construction, the building of objects or structures in an outdoor environment.  The process begins with the drawing of plans for the entire project and obtaining all necessary permits.  These plans will include an architectural rendering of the finished structure, drawings will include the landscaping, drainage, elevations, interior and exterior plumbing, electrical schematics, HVAC systems, floor plans, etc.  Estimated construction costs, timeline charts and punch lists are created.  As the construction project progresses, color schemes, and interior and exterior designs are formulated.  At various points in the project there will be inspections and walkthroughs.   Upon completion, the newly constructed item is turned over to the owner.  


Manufacturing of items takes place indoors and produce a product.  These items can range in size from small component parts to large machinery.  Depending on the type of item being produced likely there will have been a drawing, mold or schematic to show what the finished item will look like, its dimensions, with a schematic of how it is to be used.  Raw and recycled items are sent through a liner production line that prepares the material for manufacture.  As the product nears its completion it is assigned a lot, a part or serial number to help in its identification. Manufacturing has production quotas, break even costs for pricing, and distribution of the finished product to resellers.     

Construction and Manufacturing Updates

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