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Construction and Manufacturing: Careers

Construction and manufacturing are the processes of making, or building things. Construction is generally associated with the building of objects in an outdoor work environment. Manufacturing is the fabrication of materials in an indoor setting.

Construction and Manufacturing Opportunities

Career Education and Information

Manufacturing Careers

Manufacturing and Transportation Full Video (18:38)


  1. Introduction to Careers in Manufacturing and Transportation00:43
  2. Manufacturing Career: Robotics Technician02:06
  3. Manufacturing Career: Chemical Technician02:47
  4. Manufacturing Career: Machinist02:37
  5. Transportation Career: Quality Manager02:39
  6. Transportation Career: Distribution Manager01:45

Living in a world of cutting-edge technology hasn’t eliminated the need for turning out-of-this-world concepts into real-world products and then delivering them exactly when they’re wanted. This program spotlights three professionals in manufacturing—a robotics technician, a machinist, and a chemical technician—and three professionals who help get products from point A to point Z: a quality manager, a distribution manager, and a dock supervisor. A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online. A Cambridge Educational Production. Part of the series Top Careers in Two Years. (18 minutes)

Careers in Construction and Manufacturing

What Your Boss Wants: Manufacturing Full Video (23:01)


  1. Manufacturing: Job Applications05:39
  2. Manufacturing: Job Interviews06:31
  3. Manufacturing: The Induction Process05:09
  4. Manufacturing: Your Probationary Period05:36

Thinking about a career in manufacturing? Looking for some tips and advice on how to get started? Industry experts talk about what makes a good job application, a successful interview, what to expect in the induction process, and the type of assessments at the end of the probationary period in manufacturing.