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Logistics: Internet Resources

Informative Websites for Logistics

Evaluating Websites

When researching, especially using internet sources, it is a good idea to evaluate the information to make sure it is “good” information.  Making this determination can be difficult and often depends on the original purpose of the information and how you intend to use it.

How will I know?

One way to evaluate information is to use the CRAAP Test:

Currency: Timeliness

Pay attention to when the information was created or published. Is the information still current or is it outdated? Depending on your topic older sources of information may still be acceptable, in other cases it may not.

Relevance: Importance

Relevance means how the information relates to your topic. Who is the intended audience of the information? Students, professional, experts?

Authority: Source

Who created or authored the information? What company or organization operates/maintains the website? What are the credentials of the author, are they an expert or professional?

Accuracy: Reliability

Is the information factual correct? Are there other types of errors, such as grammar or spelling mistakes? Can you verify the information from other sources? Is the information biased?

Purpose: Reason

What is the goal of the information? Is it to persuade, teach, or sell? Does the information rely on facts and data, or opinion? Is it written with a political or religious agenda?

CRAAP test is adapted from the Meriam Library at California State University Chico