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Seminar On Demand - Business 1301: Business 1301 Seminar

Recorded virtual library seminar for Business 1301.

Business 1301 Seminar

Business 1301 On Demand Seminar

This on-demand seminar is for students taking the Business 1301 course. Divided into three parts this seminar will provide instruction on how to get assistance from a librarian, how to search and retrieve an article on a business related topic, and how to format an MLA style paper.  

When the seminar recording has finished, close the window.  The post seminar survey will then open.  Complete the survey to receive Business 1301 course credit.   If the survey does not open, or if there are problems viewing this recording, please contact the Virtual Services Librarian at

Topics Covered:

  • Getting Assistance
    • In-Person
    • E-Mail 
      • Ask-a-Librarian -
    • Live Chat / Text Chat
    • Teaching Learning Center -
      • Help With Papers
      • Paper Proofreading
    • Research Study Guides
    • Video Tutorials
  • Databases 
    • Selecting a Database
    • Logging In
    • Setting Limiters
    • Key Word Searching
    • Harvesting Sources and Citations
  • MLA  Style 
    • Paper Formatting
    • In-Text Citations
      • What needs to be cited
    • Source Citations