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Three ways to register for any or all events

1. Register online at Register online

2. Email

3. Call 254-526-1621

In order to qualify for the Oveta Culp Hobby Library Scholarship, you must attend at least one event during the year.  Register here and show up at the virtual event to be added to the eligible list. Make sure you also apply for the scholarship at  Library scholarship. You must be a CTC student and have a degree plan at the time of application. 

September 17 - The Gault School of Archaeology

October 6 - Libraries Lending Hope

October 19, 20, 21 - Workforce Solutions Workshop Series

September 17 -Virtual Poetry Slam

September 22 - Buchenwald Stories

Sept 30 Writers Guild Meeting

October 7 - Coronavirus and Other Epidemics Virtual Presentation