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Seminar On Demand - Writing a Research Paper: Writing a Research Paper

Recorded seminar on the process of writing a research paper.

MLA Paper Format

Writing a Research Paper

 Writing a Research Paper


Writing a paper follows ten essential steps that are useful for any sized paper.  These steps are: Looking at the assignment, doing some pre-research, writing a thesis sentence and outline, coming up with keywords, researching and analyzing resource materials, writing a paper, in-text and source citations, and lastly, editing and proofreading the paper. 


This seminar is designed to help with that process. The principles laid out in this video will assist students at all levels with writing a research paper.  From this video, you will learn how organizing your paper's main concepts acts as the building blocks for constructing a well-researched paper.  You will also see what tools are available for getting correctly formatted source citations. Lastly, you will be shown the process for proofreading and editing your papers.