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Government - Judicial Branch: Judicial Branch

Introduction-Government - Judicial Branch

               U.S. Supreme Court                   Texas Supreme Court  

                                                            U.S. Supreme Court                                                                                                          Texas Supreme Court

               Bell County Court                   

                                                     Bell County Court House                                                                                             Killeen Municipal Court Building       


The government, whether at the Federal, State, or Local levels is divided into three distinct branches: Legislative, Executive and Judicial. This lib guide will focus on topics related to the judiciary.  The judiciary is the court system.  Courts examine the application of laws and their application to resolve conflicts through judicial interpretation.  There are three basic types of courts in the judicial system. At the lowest level are the Municipal, Small Claims, County, and District courts.  At the next level are the State and Federal Appellate Courts.  The highest level is the State and Federal Supreme Courts.  This country's judicial system is set up to ensure that litigants have access to the right of due process.   

Recent U.S. Supreme Court Rulings

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